Leeman Labs Hydra AF Gold+ Automated Mercury Analysis Systems + Software + Access


Condition: Refurbished
60 Days Warranty!!!

– Meets all hardware and QC requirements of U.S. EPA Method 245.7 and 1631 and compatible with European Standard EN-13506 and EN-12338.
– Exceptional Sensitivity for low-level water quality criteria (<0.05 ppt) - Exceptional Dynamic Range (extends to nearly 250 ppb) - Ultra trace analysis mode with dual gold amalgamation traps for improved performance at sub-part-per-trillion levels - Proprietary Leeman Labs gas/liquid separator provides exceptional recoveries even for samples that foam during the reduction step - Proprietary fluorescence optical cell provides exceptional sensitivity - High Concentration Protection System - High sample throughput for improved productivity and low cost of analysis - Maintenance-free Counter-flow Nafion™ membrane dryer minimizes water vapor-based scatter in the fluorescence cell - giving exceptional detection limits - Automatic Baseline Correction for Drift-free Analysis - Easy Access for Maintenance and Cleaning - WinHg software provides ease-of-use and compatibility with other MS Windows applications including Word, Excel, and Access; permits custom report generation and customization, as well as connectivity to most LIMS systems. .Electrical Requirements: 230 Vac 1 PH

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Unit tested by our technician- Unit turns on properly- Appears lightly used- includes software

What is Included:
– Mercury Analysis System
– Power Cord
– Software WIN HG( operating system) and other software systems
– Owner’s manual
– Replacement valves
– Regulator

We send your equipment to your laboratory anywhere in the world; we guarantee its protection with a professional packaging in personalized wooden boxes for greater protection. This type of packaging is additional to the cost of the equipment, Request a quote.

Please, give us a call or send us an email so we can provide you with a special quote ASAP!!


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