Beckman Coulter Allegra 25R Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge. INCLUDES ROTOR


Condition: Refurbished

60 Days Warranty !!!



  1. Maximum Speed: 15,000 RPM (FIxed Angle) 5,100 (Swinging Bucket)
  2. Maximum G Force:225,160 x g (Fixed Angle), 5,530 x g ( Swinging Bucket)
  3. Maximum Capacity: 4 x 500 mL
  4. Set Speed:  Actual Rotor Speed  +- 50 RPM Or Equivalent RCF
  5. Set Temperature: -15 + 40°C  in 1°C Increments
  6. Electrical Requirements: 208 V, 16 A, 60 Hz

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The LAB Centrifuge Allegra 25R Refrigerated  is in perfect condition and has been inspected and conditioned in these main aspects:

  • Unit Fully Refurbished By Technician.
  • Freon Installed. Filter Replaced.
  • All Coiomponents Tested And Replaced As Needed. Units Cools Properly- Tested Temp Of 0 Degrees Reached Without Any Issues.
  • Very Clean, Cosmetically Looks Excellent.
  • Display Functions All Operate Properly                                                                                                                        


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LAB Centrifuge

The Allegra 25R LAB Centrifuge


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