Gilson FC 204 Fraction Collector w/software


Condition: Refurbished

60 Days warranty !!!



– Manufacturer: Gilson

– Model: FC 204

– Type: Fraction Collector

– Communication Interface: RS 232 Or GSIOC

– Drop Counting: Up To 9,999 Drops Per Fraction

– Power Requirements:  120V, 50-60 Hz, 0.5 A

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Gilson FC 204 Fraction Collector is used and in excellent condition

Working Properly. TESTED BY A TECHNICIAN!!!


What Is Included:

– FC 204 Fraction Collector

– Installed software:  FC204 version 4.0

– Power Cord


Standard Maintenance:

–  Lamps and Display have been checked and Replaced if Dim

– Line Cord is Checked Signs of Fray or Damage and Replaced Accordingly

– Internal Circuitry is Checked for Faulty/Shorted Components and Replaced Accordingly

– Unit has been sterilized/cleaned to lab standards


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